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Designed specifically for women, with 21 ingredients!

Meah Robertson is an experienced Naturopathic Physician and has been specialising in women’s health & integrative natural medicine in clinical practice since 2006. Meah has designed an effective formula to help boost womens health and wellness.


Who We Are 

Created by Naturopath Meah Robertson who has been specialising in women’s health since 2006.  Fem21 is a culmination of years of Naturopathic clinical experience carefully formulated for excellent results. Nourishing the feminine, with a unique formula of 21 ingredients designed to support women’s health holistically. Hormonal balance for women is extremely important for our quality of life. Ideally we’d like to sail smoothly through our cycles and the different stages of adolescence, fertility & pregnancy, through to menopause but for many women this is not the case.  Balancing our hormones naturally allows us to feel calm, clear and revitalised.

What To Expect 

Fem21 offers high quality formulas that are designed to boost womens health and wellness. These formulas include:

  • Liver and digestive cleansing keeps everything running efficiently, from the elimination of toxins, to the absorption of nutrients.  A healthy gut & micro-biome is vital for our immune system and overall health too.
  • Alkalising greens provide a variety of powerful nutrients to boost energy, control inflammation and reduce cellular oxidative stress.  Fem21 may also help to boost metabolism and improve stress management/emotional health.  In conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle the Naturopathic formula of Fem21 has been developed to point your body in the right direction to regain balance, health and vitality.

Fem21’s unique formula ensures that you are getting the most out of it without the nasty effects that usually come with health products. Meah’s organic formula is gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, soy free, and does not contain any fillers or Genetic Modifications.

Visit Us Because 

Fem21’s formulas are changing womens lives all over Australia! Come by and see how you can start improving your health and wellness with Fem21!

Featured Exhibitors

of the 2018 Gold Coast Women Expo