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Insight and Awareness

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Insight and Awarness

Lorraine Nilon is a soul intuitive who works to answer crucial life questions that people may have. Through answering these questions, Lorraine assists people in breaking blockages and moving forward to reach their life potential.

Insight and Awareness

Who we are

Lorraine Nilon is a soul intuitive®. She has a heightened awareness of the cause and effect of unresolved emotions, and the true nature of who we are hidden beneath the emotional baggage we all carry. Lorraine has more than 20years experience reading both conscious and unconscious energy. She explains the complexities and origin of unresolved emotions in a way that is easy for others to understand. Lorraine has a way of igniting your curiosity about yourself and provides a map that assists you to find your own unique path to self-acceptance.

What to expect

Soul Intuitive® sessions: help people who feel lost, confused and devalued, or are curious about the multi-facets of themselves. It is an opportunity to enhance self-awareness and to be reminded that hidden beneath their fears and beliefs of not being good enough, is an exquisite soul.

Books: Your Insight and Awareness Book walks you through your emotional labyrinth like a tour guide revealing the diverse ways you inhibit yourself from accepting the significance of your soul. The struggles of life can leave you disconnected from the truth of who you are and disengaged from the meaningfulness of your own existence. This book ignites your curiosity, and provides a map to rediscover that which has been forgotten, denied or concealed. Each chapter takes you to a deeper level of understanding, reconnecting you with the authenticity of who you are.

Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence: sheds light on the complex reality of emotional trauma left in the wake of paedophilic abuse. It is a book that exposes the multi-facets of abuse that shock the victim to the core of their soul, creating a cumulative effect on their life, self-perception and on their relationships with others. Breaking Free from the Chains of Silence uniquely illuminates the undercurrents of indifference that are extremely difficult to understand and yet pervasively formidable.

Visit Us Because 

If you are confused about how you feel and why you do what you do, Lorraine’s information provides answers. You may walk in her door or pick up one of her books feeling confused and stressed, but you walk away feeling anchored and more settled in a better understanding of yourself. Regardless of whether you are seeking spiritual enlightenment or just want to feel better about yourself, Lorraine’s insightfulness will leave you wanting to know more about your own authenticity. Her books, workshops and individual sessions provide opportunities for those who are game enough to seek their own truth.

Featured Exhibitors

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