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Queensland Endometriosis Association

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Queensland Endometriosis Association

QENDO offers information and support to those who are suffering Endometriosis. QENDO is a volunteer based association that raises funds and awareness in in local communities, so women who are suffering can have access to resources that are informative and helpful.

Who We Are 

The Endometriosis Association (Qld) Inc, or “QENDO” is a dedicated group of volunteers who work to raise awareness of, provide support to, and educate those affected by endometriosis. QENDO works to provide relevant and up to date information whilst remaining medically apolitical.

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to that which normally lines the uterus grows in other parts of the body. With each menstrual cycle as the lining is shed, tissue which is outside the uterus also bleeds. This bleeding causes inflammation and from this; scar tissue, cysts and adhesions are formed. Scar tissue increases in size with subsequent menstrual cycles and can in time cover other organs and tissue with adhesions. This can then cause the immobilisation of organs, fusing of organs (eg: the uterus to the bowel) and damage to the fallopian tubes. Many people still have not heard of endometriosis and therefore many women suffer alone and in silence. A group of volunteers with endometriosis experience assist women affected by the illness, offering support via many means of communication.

What To Expect 

We work to educate and raise awareness throughout the wider community via social events, information sessions, school programs and endometriosis network groups to assist women of the future. Along with this support network, QENDO offer a range of products including: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tee shirts, and information DVDs, which raise funds to go to research and raising awareness about Endometriosis.

QENDO host a range of events for those who are suffering Endometriosis and supporters who want to raise money for the cause. These events include:

  • trivia nights
  • meet and greets
  • Gala dinners
  • information seminars.

QENDO has a range of resources available to suffers and supporters including:

  • a library of books, articles and videos
  • seminars on nutrition, exercise, pain management, medication, and therapies.
  • fundraisers which help provide phone and email support for sufferers.

Visit Us Because 

Endometriosis is not a commonly known illness, leaving many women unaware of their condition, or suffering in silence. QENDO needs your help to raise funds and awareness so that more women can be diagnosed and treated for the illness. Help us help our community!


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