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Richard Willigen

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Richard Willigen

Richard is a compassionate and naturally gifted intuitive who works to create a safe space for you through every part of your spiritual experience.

Richard Willigen

Who We Are

Richard qualified as Metaphysical Practitioner in 1994, serving others in guidance with readings, healings and counselling. With more than 20 years of experience Richard has been an active part of teaching Metaphysics within Australia and internationally in South Aftrica.

Through this time frame & period he has gone on a deep healing journey to further develop his skills and abilities as a practitioner. Becoming an Intuitive Life Coach, NLP practitioner and accomplished Medium. He has travelled in Canada, USA, Philippines & Egypt enhancing his skills and abilities.

What To Expect 

Richard enjoys connecting to his clients, working with them individually allowing intuitive guidance from spirit. That enables both Richard and the client to work through limitations that are blocking and preventing them from being the happiest version of themselves.

During a consultation with Richard, you may:

  • Receive guidance from those who have passed.
  • Come to understand the patterns, belief structures & behaviours that will be manifesting the outcomes in your current reality.
  • Channel insight in action required for you to heal, become and create the reality you desire.
  • Channel Guidance to resolve the inner conflict that has you repeating the patterns that lead to self-sabotage
  • have an Energetic scan so healing and balancing can then be offered.

Visit Us Because 

By making an appointment to see Richard at the Psychic Hub you will have a safe environment to enable yourself to move forward in self confidence. Richard will assist you in stepping away from the past & patterning to envision and create a new path with you, whilst honouring yourself.

Featured Exhibitors

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