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Patty-Ann Waho

Guest Speaker

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Meet Patty-Ann Waho

Patty is Australia’s leading sex & intimacy specialist who’s passion is to see men & women of all ages enjoying amazingly intimate & connected sex lives. Drawing from a range of disciplines, Patty uses her 10+ years experience to discover what’s holding you back, introduce you to new strategies and ideas, and lead you down your own path of self-acceptance, knowledge and connection. With hundreds of delighted clients now enjoying much more connected, intimate and mind-blowing sex, Patty is highly sought after all around Australia as a keynote speaker and consultant.

FREE SEMINAR: Bringing Sexy Back

Woman! Is this YOU? • Are you frustrated and disconnected from your partner? • Lacking sexual confidence to express yourself fully • No fireworks in the bedroom • Is this It (but inside you know there is more) • Not able to voice your desires and feelings • Your inner bullshit keeps you locked in a cage!

If I was to wave a Magic wand on your relationship… What would it Be, Look and Feel Like? • Feel safe and held to express your sexuality • Deep intimate conversations and interactions with your lover • Express your playfulness and power together • Confidence oozing from within you • Your body feels alive and tingling • The Magic is back – flowing into your life – amplifying!

A Message from Patty-Ann

I’m a Sex-Life & Intimacy Soul Connector… I am an amazing mother of 4 boys, on their way to manhood who have gorgeous souls & smiles, that melt the grumpiest right out of me. I am a Queen networker and connector… maybe because I love talking (or is it listening to the sound of my own voice haha). I love, love connecting peeps with the right people for them. My favourite hobby is being a matchmaker… yep totally a romantic! I am motivated and moved to support organisations and charities that educate Human beings against domestic violence & sexual abuse. What truly breaks my heart, is when people choose to stay in a soulless and loveless relationship, accepting that as their ‘Gospel’ and believe that they are unable to imagine an improvement or change, however when we stop accepting crap in our Life and start making conscious decisions, watch your Life evolve. I am so, so passionate about helping people discover their true self and help pinpoint their core hurts and wounds. Ask yourself when is the last time you buzzed with life?

My true genius is; I am a Sex & Intimacy Soul Connector, who burns with energy and passion to guide those ready for the outcome of their own wellness and healing. I am a passionate, vivacious, energetic Being that inspires those around me. I’ve even been referred to as being disarmingly honest, simply put it’s because I care… So I created an environment and education based coaching platform to assist people on their own heighten sexual and sensual self-discovery journey.

Ready to play? Time to be fun-loving, playful, tapping into your self-expression, and to wholeheartedly connect to Self, it’s time to say YES to YOU!